About Us

Adam Wasserman is the founder and CEO of AW Custom Homes and Remodel. He started working on homes as a child with his father every summer growing up. In fact, he did his first framework for a house at age 12. He worked with different companies on and off until the age of 20 when he had decided he needed to focus on bettering himself and his life.

By the grace of God, he met Mary Beth and William, a couple in his hometown, who needed work done around the house and Adam declared himself the man for the job. When it came time to discuss payment, William asked Adam "What do you think you are worth?" This turned into his first set of tools, and working every day to pay them off. After 6 months working directly for the family, word of the great work Adam had done spread and his business started to take off. He started picking up bigger and bigger jobs, much more than he could ever do himself.

Today, just 14 years after he got his start, Adam has perfected his craft. He prides himself on going the extra mile for every client every time. His goal is to leave you speechless when you first see your renovation or custom build. He always says, "I will lose sleep over you not liking the finished project so I do all I can to ensure that does not happen." By doing his own floor planning, he is truly able to customize the home to the owners wants and needs.